2/02/19 Doom Hawg Day Cafe 611 Frederick MD
2/22/19-2/24/19 Heavy Sounds Psych London Brussels Netherlands
3/14/19 SX Stoner Jam, Austin
4/05/19 Horehound/Rebreather Reggies Chicago
4/18-4/20/19 Stumpfest Portland OR
4/18-4/20/19 420 Music and Arts, Calgary, Alberta Canada
4/20/19 Psycho Smokeout LA
4/26-4/28/19 Desertfest NY - xxx
4/30/2019 Uffomamut at Reggies – Chicago, IL w/ Kings Destroy
5/03-5/05/19 New England Stoner and Doom Fest 2, CT
5/03-5/05/19 Desertfest Berlin - t
05/03-05/05/19 DesertFest London
5/04/19 Sonic Whip, Switzerland maybe
5/10-5/11/19 Kristonfest Madrid
5/17-5/19 Monolith on the Mesa, Taos NM
5/16-05/19/19 VRR Planet Desert Rock Weekend II Las Vegas NV (t1 5/16, t2 5/17 + weekend pass )
5/25-5/26/19 Stoned and Dusted Joshua Tree CA
6/20-6/23/19 Maryland Doom Fest -t
6/20-6/23/19 Hellfest in the Valley, Clisson, France
7/11-7/13/19 Stoned from the Underground, Germany
07/12-07/14/19 Red Smoke Fest Pleszew Poland
7/26-7/27/19 Ohio Doomed and Stoned Canton, OH
8/16-8/18/19 PLV VEGAS 4
9/20-9/22/19 Descendants of Crom III
10/03-10/05/19 Up in Smoke, Switzerland - t
10/04/19-10/06/19 Desert Rock Fest Spain
10/08-10/10/19 Sonic Blast Modelo Portugal
10/11-10/12/19 Keep it Low #7 Munich
10/11-10/12/19 Doomed and Stoned Wisconsin
10/18-10/20/19 Desertfest Belgium



3/15/18: SX Stoner Jam 18, Austin
3/17/18 Ripple Fest San Antonio TX Sxsw
4/14/18: Firebreather Indianapolis
4/19-4/22/18: Roadburn Tilburg Netherlands
4/19, 4/20-4/21/18: NE stoner doom fest, Norwich Connecticut
4/26-4/29/18 Levitation Austin TX
5/4-5/06/18: Desertfest Berlin and London
5/11-5/12/18 Fuzzy sounds, Paris France
5/26-5/27/18 Stoned and Dusted Joshua Tree CA
5/30-06/02/18 Freak Valley Fest rural Germany
06/01-06/03/18 Doomed and Stoned Chicago
6/15-6/17/18 Mutants of the Monster Little Rock AR
6/16-6/17 Electric Funeral Fest
6/22-6/23/18 Doomed and Stoned NYC at The Kingsland
6/22-6/24/18: Maryland Doom Fest
6/22/18-6/24/18 Hellfest France
6/24/18 Sommer Doomfestival #1, Clisson France
6/29-6/30/18 rock in bourbon, northern France
6/29-6/30/18 Stonefest Spain
6/29-06/30/18 Rural Desert Fest
7/12-7/14/18: Stoned from the Underground Germany
7/13-7/17/18 Red Smoke Fest Poland
7/21-7/22/18 Ohio Doomed and Stoned. Canton OH.
7/28 Electric Dragon Fest York, PA
08/03-08/04/18 Lake on Fire, Schloßberg Austria.
8/4-08/06/18?: Los Almiros Fest 7.  Rural Greece. Free!
8/09-8/11/18  Krökbacken festival #8 woods outside Leksand Village, Sweden
8/10-8/11/18 Sonic Blast Modelo Portugal Fest
Void fest  Bavaria second week August
8/11-8/12/18 Stoned Meadow of Doom, Omaha NE
8/16-8/19/18  Psycho Las Vegas 2018™ plus pool party     Plus your soul
8/24-8/26/18 RPM Fest Montague MA
8/30-09/02/18 Muddy Roots, NT
9/02-09/03/18?: Emerald Haze Ireland
09/01-09/02/18 Heavy Mountain music and beer fest, Asheville NC
09/12/18 - Yob Acid/King  Albuquerque
9/13-9/15/18 Elav Stoner open air Comun Nuovo - Bergamo, Italy
9/28-9/29/18: Descendants of Crom II Pittsburgh
10/05-10/06/18: Høstsabbat 2018 Oslo Norway
10/05-10/06/18 Up in Smoke Indoor Fest Switzerland
10/04(pre), 10/05-10/07/18: Doomed and Stoned 3 Indiana
10/06 Okstonerfest Tollona IL
10/11/18 Brant Bjork will Chocolatize Las Vegas
10/11-10/13/18 Headz Up Fest Berlin Germany
10/12-10/14/18 Desertfest Antwerp Belgium
10/12-10/14/18 Blow Up Festival Helsinki Finland
10/19-10/20/18 Keep It Low, Munich
10/19-10/20/18 Into the Void, Netherlands Leewarden
10/27-10/28/18 Days of Darkness II, Baltimore, MD
11/09-11/10/18 Soulstone Gathering, Krakow Poland
11/09-11/10/18 Doom Over Vienna XIII, Italy
11/15-11/16/18 Heavy Psych Sounds Fest, Innsbruck, Austria
11/16/18 Brought Low, Mighty High NYC
11/22-11/24/18 Dome of Rock, Salzburg
11/29-11/30/18 John Garcia and Friends, Hard Rock, Las Vegas
12/08/18 December Doomsday Baltimore MD
12/15/18 freak Valley X-Mas Fest Siegen Germany
12/27-12/28/18 Sankt Hell, Hamburg Germany (Colour Haze alert)


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